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Carra is an AI-driven digital hair health platform helping women with textured hair to care for their hair. Instead of wasting time and money on inappropriate routines, users cut out the guesswork and access licensed experts for powerful routines that work at a fraction of the cost. Carra is Sunday times beauty disruptor award shortlist.

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Fashion & Installation

Andverv is a contemporary womenswear label. Our second collection spotlights the 1960s avant grade art movement in Nigeria, the Mbari club. For our presentation, at the London Fashion week DiscoveryLAB, we created an immersive installation partnering with TAFETA gallery to show original 1960s Mbari artworks in a reimagination of an Mbari club night.

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Viscerally is a newsletter catalouging modern and contemporary art emerging from the African continent. I write about art emerging from the African continent from a deep place of resonance. No curator arty-farty talk, just deep feels.  Every week, you can expect my write up on an artist that I’ve discovered and can't get my mind off. Sometimes short. Sometimes long. Always potent.

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